Dear Cerritos Elementary School Families,


The Cerritos Elementary Educational Foundation (CEEF) would like to thank you for your continued support of our Math-A-Thon. 100% of your donations directly support the "Save the Programs" Fund. This year, our goal is to raise at least $30,000 so we can continue to fund the following programs for another school year: Music, Computer Lab, Meet the Masters (art education), Science on the Go (science education), Color Cartridges, toner, and projector bulbs (lab & classrooms).

Last school year (2015-2016), CEEF was able to fund all of the programs plus purchase an additional request of 11 iPads for the kindergarten iPad cart. This year, the teachers are also in need of new projectors and laptops to update aging classroom equipment.


Because our children have access to iPad/Chromebook carts in their classroooms, the teachers have been asking for paid apps and programs since the free apps have limited functions. CEEF has already agreed to purchase the Peardeck app ($1000 annual fee) and the Flocabulary app ($1700 annual fee). With your donations, we can help fulfill these requests. For the Math-A-Thon, your child will be given a grade level math challenge of 50 questions. Please encourage your child to ask famility and friends to sponsor them with a flat donation. Sponsors will fill out the envelope, and the child returns the envelope to their teacher.


CEEF appreciates your donation of $50 per child. If each child could submit $50 in donations, CEEF would be able to fund everything in the "Save the Programs" Fund, plus begin to update the classrooms with modern tech equipment. All contributions of $50 and over will receive a tax deductible receipt.


Important Dates

Package to send home:  February 27, 2017

Math-A-Thon test date: Determined by your child's teacher

Donations due:              March 17, 2017