CEEF Information


The CEEF is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charitable organization founded in 2005 to support the vision and mission of the Cerritos Elementary School. The CEEF promotes enhancement of the school’s academic curriculum to include programs that would not otherwise be financially possible, including science, technology, art and music. The CEEF, in conjunction with the PTA, is committed to supporting the needs of the student body of Cerritos Elementary School to promote academic excellence, develop compassion, and encourage social interdependence within the community.

The CEEF collaborates with the PTA and other support organizations, including the ABC Unified School District, local businesses, private individuals, corporations and philanthropic groups. Through fundraising activities like the Math-a-thon, Pancake Breakfast, Emergency Survival Kit sales, gift card and Asian market scrips, Silent Auction and the Carnival, the CEEF is able to help pay for programs such as the computer lab, the music program, Science-on-the-Go, and Meet the Masters.



The PTA officers meet several times a year with the CEEF executive board.  Both groups have organizational guidelines they must follow with regard to use of funding to ensure compliance with state and federal tax regulations.  Because the CEEF operates with fewer monetary restrictions than the PTA, the CEEF is able to provide financial support for educational programs not able to be covered by the PTA or school district funds. Together, the organizations collaborate on how to raise funds to support the Cerritos Elementary School community.