School Band


Band Director: Mr. Alan Hallback


Students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in the school band under the direction of Mr. Hallback, one of the finest, if not THE finest, band directors in the region. Consequently, Cerritos Elementary has the largest elementary school band in the district, and is often invited to play in civic venues.

2013-2014 Band Members

Join the Cerritos Band!

The ABC Unified School District offers free music lessons and strives to provide students with an enjoyable experience in learning to play a musical instrument.


Who Can Join?

The beginning band program is open to students in grades 4, 5, and 6.  Free lessons are provided twice a week for 30 minutes.  The program is a pull out program where students leave their classroom to attend the lessons.  It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with their regular classroom assignments while attending the band lessons.  Classes are scheduled on a rotating basis so students do not miss more than one 30 minute session per class.  The staff at your child's school strongly supports this program.  Music has proven to help students in all areas of their classroom study.  Students and parents are asked to make a one year commitment to the program which includes home practice, good behavior and their attendance at every lesson.  By joining the band, you can look forward to having fun, making new friends, learning time management skills and creating wonderful music.



Lessons are free.  There is a one-time donation of $30 asked from each student to cover the cost of a book, tote bag, workbook, binder and sheet music.  Your donation is expected at the first meeting so books and supplies can be purchased.  Instruments and supplies will be needed by the third class if you are experiencing a delay - please let me know ....


Instruments:  Cerritos has approximately 50 instruments to lend.  Most students will need to rent their instruments from a local music store.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO PURCHASE INSTRUMENTS AT SEARS, WAL-MART, COSTCO, SAM'S CLUB OR the INTERNET without the help of a professional.  These instrument may look good, but many cannot be repaired if broken.

The following music stores have great new and used instruments to rent.  In the musical instrument world, used instruments are as good and sometimes better than new!  I can recommend the following music stores nearby.


Bellflower Music  - 17125 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower (562) 867-6715

Morey's Music - 4834 Woodruff Ave, Lakewood (562) 420-9532


We recommend the following brands of instruments: Yamaha, Bundy, Armstrong, Bach, Buffet, King, Selmer, Jupiter, Conn and Eastman.  Monthly rental costs usually start at about $18 per month depending on the instrument you choose.


School Instruments: The number of school instruments available varies from school to school.  These instruments can be used for a one time fee of $25.  Some instruments will be assigned in a lottery system at the first class so it is important to turn your form in on time.  Students wishing to use school instruments are required to:

  • stay in the program for at least one year and commit to regular home practice
  • keep the instrument in working order throughout the year returning the instrument in playing condition at the end of the year


Instrument Choice

We need Brass players! - trombone*, trumpet, French horn and baritone are always needed at all levels of music education - I have many of these instruments to lend.   * there is a revolutionary light weight trombone made of high tech plastic for about $150 - it comes in red, blue, green, purple and yellow/orange!  Students were shown one during the assembly. Many students played this instrument last year and loved it!



Needed Supplies


All instruments: $30 donation for book, workbook, tote bag, music and t-shirt.


Clarinet and saxophones - at least 4 reeds - size 2 (no larger), cork grease, swab

                                           please note: saxophones and clarinets have a recurring cost of reeds


Trumpet, Baritone, French horn - valve oil and slide grease

                                                         (a snake and mouthpiece brush are also suggested)


Trombone - slide oil (Yamaha) & slide grease (a snake and mouthpiece brush are also suggested)


Flute - slide grease and cotton cleaning cloth (homemade is great  -  11 x 6 inches)


Percussion - Space is limited!  If you choose percussion, you will start the year on bells - you will need to purchase a bells set approx. $30-$50 to start the class.  In January, you will need a practice pad with stand and a pair of size 2B sticks approx. $50.  These items are available for purchase at Bellflower Music or Morey's music.  Enrollment in this class is based on classroom teacher recommendation and good work habits.  Do not purchase anything until you have been accepted.