Cerritos Elementary School PTA


Our Mission:


Enriching the educational experience of every child, staff, and family at Cerritos Elementary.

Q: How does the PTA help make the school better for students, staff,  and family?

  • Provides teachers an annual allotment to fund creativity in their classrooms.
  • It pays for bus transportation for field trips.
  • Builds the library catalog annually through Birthday Book Club.
  • Hosts the Reflections art program so students gain confidence to explore the arts.
  • Supplies laptops and tablet carts for teachers and students.
  • Keeps classroom technology up to date, e.g. by installing new digital projectors.
  • Provides fundraising opportunities for students & classrooms through slushy sales.
  • Raises money and promotes health awareness through the annual Fun Run.
  • Works closely with our school’s Foundation to meet the school’s needs.
  • Encourages positive student behavior by supporting the PAWS program.



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The Cerritos Elementary PTA is a tax exempt non-profit organization staffed by volunteer board members.